Elektronikteil is a South African based company that provides Hardware and Software solutions to users in the Flight Testing, Vehicle Testing, Structural Testing, Data Bus and Broadband Communication Disciplines.

Our experience in Data Acquisition, Data and Video Transmission, Data and Video Recording, and Data Reduction stretches over a period of more than 15 years.

The purpose of this site is to provide an overview of suppliers in these fields. Click on any logo to link to the supplier.

  AIM – Avionics Databus Solutions: Modules, Databus Analysers, Data Loaders and Systems for the Test & Simulation of MIL-STD-1553, STANAG3910/ EFEx, ARINC429, AFDX/ ARINC664, PANAVIA & Fibre Channel applications

  Heim Systems – Data Acquisition and Storage solutions. Collect, monitor and store data for real-time and post process analysis in aerospace, automotive, military and industrial applications.
  Haigh-Farr Inc. – Designers, manufacturers and suppliers of conformal, flight body antennas like Blade, Wraparound, Omnislot, etc..
  L3 Communication Systems for Ground Based Systems, on board Data acquisition, Video compression and Wide band Video and Data links.
  ACRA CONTROL is a premier supplier of high-performance data acquisition systems to the world's aerospace, automotive and energy industries.
  Brandywine Communications offers advanced off-the-shelf and custom time and frequency solutions to a world-wide marketplace.
  John Douglass Associates provides turn-key solutions that entail Tracking Antenna, Reciever, Decommutating and display Software for the flight test environment
  Eurologic - their MAGALI system provides configuration, acquisition, visualization and real time processing, replay and post processing of Telemetry Data
  IN-SNEC -they are part of the ZODIAC group and provide systems in the fields of Aeronautics, Data Transmission, Data Recording and Satellite Communication for Defence and Commercial applications.
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Elektronikteil has at its disposal the proficiency of Individuals and Companies with operational experience that provides the know-how and ability to provide turn-key solutions.